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INTERNET problems are beyond frustrating.

And it's even more annoying when you have no idea what's going on when the broadband stops working.

The lights on your router mean different things depending on your provider and the box you're using.

See below to get a better idea of what they mean specifically for Sky routers.

Sky has three types of router – Sky Hub, Sky Q Hub and Sky Broadband Hub.

Though these are specific to Sky kit, they may be similar to other routers.

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But check with your provider to be sure.

What do the lights on my Sky Hub mean?

No lights

The most obvious one is no lights at all.

This means your box is not receiving any power – so you'll need to check the power cables are plugged in correctly.

Internet light is white

If you see the light marked internet is white this means your connection is working fine.

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Internet light is flashing amber

If the internet light is flashing amber it suggests they may be a problem.

Sky advises you to sign into your account to run some tests – if you're able to of course.

Power button is flashing white

The power button will flash white whenever a software upgrade is being installed.

It should only take about 15 minutes.

If it goes on longer than that, it's best to contact Sky.

Power button is amber

Amber on the power button indicates there may be a fault.

Login to your account to run some tests.

Power button is flashing amber

A flashing amber light on the power button happens when your box is in recovery mode.

This usually happens after a software upgrade, so give it a chance.

If it goes on longer than 15 minutes, contact Sky.

What do the lights on my Sky Q Hub mean?

The lights on the Sky Q Hub use different colours to the Sky Hub.

These are pretty much the same for the Sky Broadband Hub too.

Internet light is green

A green internet light means your connection should be all fine.

Internet light flashing amber

If the internet light is flashing amber you may have a problem.

Sign into your Sky account to run a test if possible.

Power light is red

The red light can also mean a possible fault.

Run a test on yourSky account to find a fix.

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Power light flashing amber

When the power light flashes amber it means the box is in recovery mode after doing a software update.

Hold down the Reset button on the back of your hub for about 10 seconds until you see the lights on the front start to blink.

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