Yahoo Answers is shutting down after 16 years. Here’s how users can download old data.

Yahoo Answers, one of the longest-running question-and-answer sites on the internet, is shutting down after 16 years.

The site will shutter on May 4, according to a banner on the top of the Yahoo Answers homepage on Monday. An FAQ page said users won’t be able to post any new questions or answers after April 20.

Previous questions and answers can be viewed on the site until May 4 when they will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage.

Yahoo Answers users can request their old data to download, including previous questions and answers they’ve posted before a June 30 deadline.

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Yahoo said it can take up to 30 days for users to receive their content download. There’s also a link for users to learn how to view and manage data associated with their accounts.

The site was an early internet fixture with questions on topics ranging from gadgets, education and health. On Monday, the site featured mostly far-right questions about President Biden, Antifa,and one even asking “Is Yahoo Answers being shut to silence conservatives?”

Over on Twitter the news of Yahoo Answers shuttering was mostly met with dejection mixed in with a bit of snarkiness.  

End of an era – RIP Yahoo Answers😔

Hey @MBMBaM I saw a screenshot in one of the FB groups saying Yahoo Answers would be shutting down May 4th this year?! @[email protected]@griffinmcelroy I can only imagine you’re being flooded with this info but I couldn’t help but hop on and say it’s been wild ❤️

RIP to the Q&A forefather!

Wasn’t always helpful and stopped being useful years ago, but still…gonna miss ya!

Yahoo Answers

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