World’s first 'computer generated' sneaker unveiled by Snapchat

SNAPCHAT has created what it says are the world's first trainers designed entirely by computers.

The virtual shoes, which can only be viewed through the app, are part of the new "Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street" exhibition opening at London's design museum next week.

Dubbed "Sneaker Zero", they come in four colours that users can "try on" by opening Snapchat and scanning a Snapcode.

Once the augmented reality Lens has been unlocked, sneakerheads can tap on the screen and then point their smartphone camera at their feet.

Sneaker Zero will appear over their trotters. Snapchatters can then cycle through the various colour options to try them all on.

As well as existing in augmented reality, it is the world’s first sneaker to be designed entirely by a computer, according to the social media company.

To build it, a computer was trained in shoe design by scanning images of 7,000 sneakers from around the world.

Then, it was given visual information of the 200+ iconic sneakers chosen to be displayed at the exhibition.

This information was fed into a machine learning model, which led to the computer creating its version of the ultimate shoe.

Sneaker Zero was chosen as its name, because it is the first trainer to be designed with the involvement of zero humans. 

Josephine Chanter, Director of Audiences, said: "Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street reveals the role youth culture has played in making individual sneakers into style icons and in driving an industry now worth billion.

"The exhibition also gives behind-the-scenes insight into the future; from new upcycling and sustainable design practices to unseen prototypes predicting the future of performance design."

Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street kicks off May 18. You can get your tickets to the exhibition here.

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