‘Works a treat’ Use popular £1 hair product to lift carpet stains

Mrs Hinch cleaning hack fans say gets rid of black mould

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Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram, after rising to fame thanks to the sharing of cleaning hacks with fans. She is so popular that some fans have made Facebook pages in her honour, where tens of cleaning tips are shared every day.

On one of these pages, with over 100,000 members, one Mrs Hinch fan wanted to know how to get rid of a stain on her carpet.

Laura Rachael wrote: “Help! How can I get nail polish off my carpet!”

The post was inundated with comments in minutes as hundreds of other Mrs Hinch fans shared their best advice.

Some cleaning enthusiasts recommended chemical products, while others suggested homemade or natural methods.

Sarah White’s advice was to use “shaving foam but not the gel stuff”, while Lucy Fox’s tip was a little different.

She said: “You could try a brown paper bag with a warm iron as it’ll stick to the bag and lift off the carpet.”

Sally Jarvis wrote: “I used WD40 and a washing up brush and gently scrubbed it.”

Terri Owen commented: “100 percent window cleaner.”

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There was one product, though, that stood out as it was recommended more than once.

Sharon McKeown wrote: “Hairspray, the one with the highest alcohol content. Wet the carpet with cold water, spray on loads of hairspray and dab with clean dry cloth. Repeat more hairspray etc, it will come up.”

Becky Mylchreest said: “I second this.”

Glenda Gregory added: “Third that comment. Happened to me and it came up beautifully. It was demonstrated on Instagram last week by a celebrity as her son Brody drew all over her grey settee with an ink pen.”

Julie Tracy said: “Hairspray. Used it on my sofa to get nail polish off.”

Claire Young commented: “Hairspray and hand sanitizer with high alcohol content.”

Mhairi Bell wrote: “Hairspray works a treat.”

A bottle of hairspray costs only £1 or less at most supermarkets. A bottle is currently retailing at Sainsbury’s for £1.05.

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Lynn Blackburn’s advice was a little different. She said: “I saw salt poured over it, leave it to soak up then it just comes up, sounds too good to be true, Google it.”

Amanda Cunningham wrote: “I got mine off with elbow grease and a scrubbing brush.”

Kelly Young commented: “Spray window cleaner on the stain until the area is wet. Let the cleaner sit on the polish stain for at least five minutes. Then, gently blot the area with the cloth. Repeat this process until you’ve lifted the stain out entirely.”

Melissa Robilliard added: “You need to blot nail varnish remover over it not rub!! Then put shaving foam on and leave for a bit then get a wet cloth and scrub it. That is how I got purple varnish out of my beige carpet.”

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