Woman explains how she’s slashed shopping bills by up to £400 a month – top tips

Couple stunned by potential savings

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Emily Shetler, 27, started couponing as a newlywed five years ago, when she was the sole breadwinner and money was tight. The home insurance representative says she has saved thousands on her grocery shopping thanks to her growing obsession.

Five years ago Ms Shetler found herself as the sole provider for her household as her husband was still attending college. 

The pair had also moved from Texas to New York so her husband could play college football. 

She turned to couponing, finding the money saving tokens online and in newspapers, as a way to keep their lifestyle affordable. 

Ms Shetler told SWNS: “When I started, couponing was literally how I got by – without it I wouldn’t have been able to afford my own bills. Now that I’m more financially stable, I don’t need to coupon, but I just love it and can’t even fathom having to buy something for full price.

“It’s like a high – I love watching the numbers as they smoothly go down! It’s a thrill really.”

Now, as the cost of living takes a turn for the worse, her money saving tactics are paying off and she shared some of her top tips for beginners. 

Ms Shetler explained to the news organisation she spends between two and three hours every week seeking out the best coupons across the internet.

She then saves the coupons to her shopping apps and heads to the store fully-armed with a phone of money saving tools. 

Her average basket of essential items would cost an ordinary shopper $60 (£47), but thanks to her coupons, Ms Shelter will sometimes pay just $4 (£3). 

Reportedly, her biggest bargain was a haul of beauty and household products worth a retail value of $69 (£56). 

At the tills, she revealed her bounty of coupons which brought the total down to $8.27 (£6.59). 

However, she also had ‘extra care bucks’, or electronic cashback, worth $9 (£7.18). Meaning the store paid her 73 cents (£0.58) for her shopping trip. 

Ms Shetler believes her monthly shopping bill is reduced by $400 (£318) to $500 (£398) thanks to her couponing habits, roughly spending only $50 (£39.87). 

These extreme savings have not just lightened the financial burden on their household budget, but have also provided them with excess savings.

The couple have been on multiple holidays to luxury locations like the Bahamas. 

Ms Shetler noted her top tip for beginners is actually to “start off small”.

She said: “Don’t try and do big coupon shops straight away as you can often be left spending more than you mean to.

“Many people get overwhelmed by couponing as they picture the old-fashioned way of cutting them out from newspapers but it’s so easy now – you can just download them!”

Additionally, she advised people to not just focus on finding coupons but also store sales that can stack up the savings of a shopping trip. 

Many couponers often end up stockpiling as the requirement for a coupon to work is usually to buy multiple of the same item. 

However Ms Shetler has also found a way around this stockpiling dilemma as she donates up to 85 percent of the products she buys to local charities. 

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