With latest update, Google Photos wants your memories to stand out

Google Photos hosts more than 4 trillion photos, yet according to the tech giant, we barely view most of them.

In a new update Google announced Tuesday, the company is hoping you don’t forget those moments captured on your smartphone camera.

The Photos app will introduce updates to Memories, a feature cataloging photos based on specific dates or categories. Starting this summer, when the app detects a set of three or more photos that share things in common like a specific shape or color, it will highlight them in Memories.

Also, later this year, Photos will incorporate more Memories based on holidays celebrated, including Diwali, Lunar New Year and Hanukkah.

“On their own, these photos may not be the most meaningful, but when you see them all together, they tell a story — your story. As always, they’re private and only visible to you,” said Shimrit Ben-Yair, vice president of Google Photos, in a blog post published Tuesday.

A screenshot of updated Memories coming soon to Google Photos. (Photo: Google)

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Google Photos will also use machine learning to help bring those memories to life. The feature Cinematic Memories can take two near-identical photos, and fill the gaps with new frames to create moving images.

Other new features coming soon to Google Photos:

The ability to hide memories. The controls used to hide photos of people or time periods will be easier to find and you’ll have the option to   “We specifically heard from the transgender community that resurfacing certain photos is painful, so we’ve been working with our partners at GLAAD and listening to feedback to make reminiscing more inclusive,” said Ben-Yair.

Locked folders. The service is also adding a password-protected area where you can keep private photos that don’t appear as you scroll through Google Photos or any other apps. It will launch on Google Pixel phones before rolling out to other Android devices.

The update arrives as Google Photos soon begins its shift away from free, unlimited storage of your photos and videos. Starting June 1, any photos or videos added will count against the 15 GB available to each account. If you want to go above 15 GB, you will have to pay to add more storage.  

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