Why wearing sunglasses when driving could cost you a £5,000 fine, points on your licence or even a driving ban | The Sun

Summer’s definitely here and and while you may think you’re better off wearing sunglasses when driving in the sunshine – it turns out you could be breaking the law. 

A study has found that UK Google searches for “What are polarised sunglasses?” have increased by 200% – meaning a surge of Brits are searching for sunglasses to wear while driving.

The Highway Code states as a driver or a motorcyclist you must slow down, and if necessary, stop if you are dazzled by bright sunlight.

Also, you must not use tinted glasses, lenses, or visors if they restrict your vision at night or in poor visibility.

Breaking these rules means you could receive a potential disqualification, an unlimited fine and three to nine points on your licence, and this comes under careless and inconsiderate driving. 

According to experts, drivers must consider the type of tint within sunglasses while driving in the car, and all sunglasses should have a filter category number by law.


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Nimmi Mistry, a professional services optician at Vision Direct, explains you should consider various factors when choosing a tint for sunglasses. 

She says: “You need to consider the type of tint in your sunglasses, which can be fixed or variable. Fixed tints don’t change following exposure to UV light, but the opposite is correct if you have variable tints.

“Choose brown or grey tints for your sunglasses, and this ensures that your perception of colour isn’t distorted while helping protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays and distracting glare”. 

Denton Brock, Head of Your Red Car, who commissioned the insight, commented:

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“As a motorist, keeping up with the Highway Code to avoid fines and penalties is essential. Always take extra caution when purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, and make sure any accessories in your vehicle are law-abiding.”

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