White vinegar can help to clean windows for ‘streak-free’ glass

'Clean It, Fix It' viewers amazed at window cleaning hack

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Windows can get dirty both inside and out, with cooking a common cause of dirty windows, as the grease and bacteria rise and settle on the surface. On the outside, one of the main causes of grubby windows is pollution in the air which clings to the cold surface. An expert has shared top tips on cleaning them for streak-free results.

Andrew Bradley, a professional in the Commercial Cleaning Industry at Pure Freedom, said: “You should aim to clean your windows at a minimum once or twice a year depending on location.

“You may need to do this more if you live near the sea where salt exposure is high, or if you live in a city close to busy roads.”

Not cleaning windows regularly may mean scratches could appear, causing damage to them.

The expert recommended using white vinegar along with water to clean them, mixing one part of distilled vinegar with 10 parts of warm water.

Using a spray bottle for this job may be easier than using a bowl as it will cause less mess and will be easier to target the grime.

A mixture of vinegar and water can provide an effective and non-toxic cleaning solution for windows and mirrors.

White vinegar can be purchased from a variety of different retailers including supermarkets for as little as 29p.

Andrew added: “Then water down the window first to wash off any dirt to avoid scratching the glass when cleaning.

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“Cover the surface of the window by spraying the solution directly on the glass.

“Then, begin to dry the window in circular motions with a paper towel or shower squeegee to unveil streak-free glass.

“Do this by having long and even strokes, and go over the window multiple times to clear away any leftover solution.

“Make sure the product you use to wipe the windows doesn’t leave any fibres behind. You will then have clean and shiny streak-free windows.”

To add a bit of extra sparkle, sprinkle some baking soda onto the cloth before you add the solution and it will aid the cleaning process.

Others may opt to use a glass cleaning product, and Mrs Hinch fans often share which cleaners are the best on social media.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Dani Smith shared the “best” glass cleaner along with a photo of the product.

She wrote: “Oh my God this is the best window and glass cleaner I have ever used. “It leaves no streaks at all, dries so quick and smells so nice. I actually am in love with this product and about to go and buy all the range.”

Dani shared a snap of the Lime and Mint Window & Glass Cleaner by Kim Woodburn. The cleaning guru teamed up with Poundland earlier this year to bring out a range of products.

Other Mrs Hinch fans have also recommended tea bags to achieve streak-free results. It is thought the tannins in black tea can help to dissolve grease and grime.

Britons can also use newspaper to dry windows once they have been cleaned with a homemade or specific cleaning product.

The absorbency will ensure no moisture is left on the window to produce shiny, streak-free windows.

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