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TIKTOK is a place for wild videos, inspiring videos, and in some cases, both simultaneously.

A 20-year-old Irishman from #GymTok has found himself leading a trend that serves as both humorous and also inspiring.

What is the 'protein bor' trend on TikTok?

"Protein bor" is how James Doyle, a fitness TikToker from Ireland, pronounces "protein bar."

His accent is so thick that his followers instantly started lightheartedly joking with him, leaving comments that said "protein bor" below his videos.

Many of his videos are workouts, but he recently began promoting all kinds of protein products.

His followers, naturally, started to make duets of his videos and comments poking fun at him, but he leveraged it to make a name for himself as a fitness influencer.


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Now, he's getting all kinds of offers in his comments and tagged posts for free samples, if he'll post them with his signature grin and rate them.

Now, you can find him on TikTok at @jamesdoylefitness, or you can search for "Protein Bar Papi" since he changed his name on the social media platform to reflect his success.

How many followers does James Doyle have on TikTok?

As of July 20, 2022, the power bor lover has 141.1k followers on his TikTok.

Less than 24 hours ago, he was celebrating his 100k milestone.



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And before that, he was essentially unknown outside of #GymTok.

He's been pumping out content since April but only really saw his success ignite recently.

"6 weeks ago, I was on 5k," he said in a video celebrating his 100k mark.

"Now it's 100 f***ing thousand?"

"Thank you so much for the f***ing support lads, like it's phenomenal," he said.

Also, if you're going to be on TikTok around your kids, be warned that James loves to drop the F-bomb. A lot.

What is #GymTok?

#GymTok is a community of hashtags where like-minded fitness fiends, influencers, and everyone else who wants their workouts shared on the app to post.

It has 81billion views.

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It can be an inspirational place to find new workouts, routines for pre-and-post workouts, and reviews on the best gear.

So grab your protein bor, grab your pre-workout, and get moving.

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