We're furious after the council installed 'lethal' speed bumps on our street – it feels like my car is being tipped OVER | The Sun

LOCALS are furious after the council installed "lethal" speed bumps along their road.

The traffic calming measures have been a "nightmare" for drivers and cyclists – and it's only a matter of time before an accident, residents claim.

Some say the road in Gowerton, Swansea, has become even MORE dangerous since the bumps – to slow speeding traffic – were put in place.

Scooter rider Paul Davies, 65, told The Sun he wants "rid" of them.

Paul said: "These humps are lethal. I ride my scooter up and down this road several times a day.

"If I'm behind a car and it brakes, I have no chance of knowing there's a hump coming up until I hit it full on.

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"Every time it happens, I lose control of the scooter.

"The scheme has been a nightmare."

Local café worker Emily, 22, feels like she's being "tipped over" when she takes the humps on.

She said: "It's actually quite alarming driving over the humps because it feels like my car is going to tip over.

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"There was never a speeding problem along this road anyway. It's stupid."

Meanwhile, café owner Billy Howes, 27, echoed her belief that the humps weren't needed in the first place.

"Traffic has always moved slowly along Gorwydd Road because it's a busy road and there are always jams," he said.

"No one did more than 30mph because you just couldn't

"There was no problem here, but some bright spark thought it was a good idea to put these humps in and make everyone's life hell.

"I have customers in here expressing their anger and frustration with the humps all day long.


"The consensus seems to be they weren't needed in the first place and now they're in, they're making everyone's life a misery.

"They're so high, wide and solid that most cars can't get their wheels either side and smooth the road out, like most humps, so they'll try and go round them but that puts them on the other side of the road or up the kerb onto the pavement.

"If they take the humps on, the car feels like a dodgem ride at the fair."

Cyclist Roger Jones, 66, fears someone will be killed on the new-look road.

He said: "These humps are an absolutely crazy idea. Neither use nor ornament.

"When I'm on my bike, if there's a lot of traffic and I see it late, I've no option but to go over it.

"The front wheel hits it and it almost throws you over the handlebars.

"If you lose control, you're going to be at risk of being thrown under the wheels of a vehicle coming the other way.

"Someone will die out there if the council don't take them away soon.

"There are far better – and safer – ways of slowing traffic down. In my experience, signs showing a driver's speed work best.

"These humps are death traps, though. I've taken to cycling at the very edge of the road in the gutter, but that has its dangers too because you're so close to the kerb and the gutter is full of broken glass and litter.

"And if a car is parked half on, half off the pavement, it's game over.

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"You won't find anyone in favour of this stupid idea around here."

Swansea Council has been approached for comment.

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