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A COUPLE revealed that they live in a cheap Hobbit-house on wheels which leaves them having to forage for food.

Laura and Aaron took to TikTok to share a glimpse into their "fairycore" life, but viewers were left puzzled by the one home necessity they lacked.

The couple posted a video to the social media platform and captioned the clip: "Think hobbit house on wheels, with days spent outdoors; foraging, wandering and creating art".

In the 17-second video, the adventurous couple pose outside of their normal orange and white van while telling viewers: "Yeah, we live in a van," before showing snaps of average-looking white caravans.

"Like this?" they ask, as a montage of plain trailers and standard vehicle interiors flashes across the screen.

The clip then cuts back to the colourful couple who say: "More like…", before wowing viewers with their incredible Hobbit-themed van.



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By a row of trees in a green, flower-filled field, Laura and Aarons' multi-colour home-on-wheels sits parked alone.

Its unassuming exterior could not prepare viewers for the stunning interior, brimming with natural elements and popping with colour.

Inside the van, TikTok users are shown winding vines and potted plants attached to the main inside body.

The roof has been covered with wooden panels placed diagonally to give the home an even more interesting and unique appearance.

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The couple then provide a sneak peek into their kitchen area which continues the natural wooden theme.

Potted plants and wicker baskets flood the space and the large windows allow for plenty of natural light.

Shelving and storage space cover the area above the windows and are filled with blankets, jars and other random home objects.

Viewers are then shown a snippet of Laura potting some hand-picked flowers in a glass vase as they continue stunning viewers with their peaceful lifestyle.

Back in the van, viewers can see sunflowers and lavender stored in old glass bottles, and books tucked onto rustic wooden shelves.

Even the driver and passenger area of the vehicle has been completely transformed with wooden features, a pink floral wreath and a long stick across the dashboard.

Laura and Aaron revealed how they make their own products using flowers and plants they forage, and show viewers a shot of a basket of colourful petals alongside a pestle and mortar.

In a stunning shot, the van's back doors are open and the view from behind the couple's bed can be seen.

A mountain range fills the landscape before TikTok users are met with a wholesome snapshot of the couple holding hands and looking out across a lake and toward the mountains.

The post racked up a mega 1.5million likes and over 13.8k comments, but one viewer was quick to point out an issue that was leaving them baffled.

They wrote: "That looks fun until you wake up on a winter's night with diarrhea and not a potty in site. Maybe that's just me. lol".

But the van-lifers responded with how they overcame that particular disaster.

They wrote: "Haha ngl this has happened to us, thankfully only once in 3 years living in our van. biodegradable loo roll and the woods saved the day".

Others took to the comment section to share their admiration for Laura and Aaron's home.

"They build their life together. Like a fairytale. Like a spring river. Everything flowed like a song," one said.

Another commented: "The 60s hippies would be so jealous OMG. beautiful home".

A third added: "My dream life".

But they're not the first couple to completely transform a vehicle into a home-on-wheels that others envy.

Another man also transformed his van into a Lord of The Rings-inspired home but revealed he has no plans to travel.

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