Water bills: Expert reveals simple hack to slash utility bills by £350 now

Water bills are something most Britons needs to pay but they do not need to cost a huge amount. Homeowners could cut a whopping £350 off the combined cost of water bills and cleaning products, according to new research. How does it work?


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When trying to save some money, homeowners can make a change in their home, research by Harvey Water Softeners, revealed.

By installing a water softening, the cost of bills and cleaning products could drop by around £350.

However, the price of a water softener can range from hundreds of pounds to thousands, according to ecowater-softeners.co.uk.

This means Britons will need to consider whether the cost is worth it before making a purchase.

The research found installing the device would shrink gas bills from £577.22 to £414.43, resulting in a saving of 28.2 percent.

In addition, the cost of cleaning products would go down by 50 percent, from £124.80 a year to £62.40, the study claimed.

It was also suggested homeowners would eliminate the need for de-scaler and limescale removal with a water softener device.

This would result in a 100 percent saving of £85.27 on de-scaler and £35.54 on limescale remover, based on average UK costs.

In total, the research calculated a saving of around £345.98 a year.

Tony Jones, General Manager at Harvey Water Softeners, explained: “Over the last few years homeowners have become increasingly aware of the aesthetic benefits that a water softener can have, namely a shinier, glossier hair, softer skin and bigger bubble baths.

“However, where there is still some educating to be done is on the cost benefits of these products.


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“The savings made across fuel, cleaning products and limescale remover mean that a water softener pays for itself in time.”

The average water bill in the UK is £413.33, according to lovemoney.com.

However, this is set to fall by around £17, to £396.60, in April this year.

For those not wanting to invest in a water softener, they can save on bills in other ways.

Reconsidering the provider could lead to a notable saving, according to experts at Hoppy.com.

They said: “Take a look at your gas, electricity and water contracts to see if you could be paying less.

“Use online home management tools to compare all publicly available energy deals to provide you with the best deal for your household.”

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