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BRITS love sports, whether it's low league football or the Olympic Games, we cheer on our teams with pride.

Even when we're out and about, our phones become a lifeline to catch the latest F1 race and with Sky Mobile you can stream unlimited sports.

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With this Sky Mobile offer, it doesn't matter how much data you have as streaming through the apps doesn't eat into your data.

Similar to Voxi's unlimited social media, Sky offer unlimited streaming on any of their apps, including Sky Sports, Sky News and Sky Go, when you have a SIM or phone contract.

We like this SIM-only plan from Sky Mobile which gives you 25GB for £15 per month, plenty of data for a reasonable price.

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If unlimited streaming wasn't enough, your data also rolls for up to three years so you'll never run out and can get exclusive rewards with unused data.

For almost half of sports fans the main TV isn't available when their favourite game is on so switch to their phone to watch the football.

Sky research found that 40% of us will tune into games while at work and 18% will even use a sick day for a big match.

With such a sport obsessed nation, grabbing this chance to stream all you want with no limits is a no-brainer, especially with the Premier League on the horizon.

This isn't limited to sport either, Sky Go can be streamed through the app with no data restrictions so you can finally binge the whole of Game of Thrones without using a drop of data.

So grab your Sky Mobile SIM before you miss out on all the sports action.

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