Watch driver use ’roundabout slingshot’ move to dodge traffic – but motorists are divided as to whether it's legal | The Sun

A DRIVER has filmed himself performing a “roundabout slingshot” to avoid the traffic – but it’s left other motorists divided over its legality.

TikTok user Martin Hedley posted a shot clip of what appears to be himself undertaking the manoeuvre at a roundabout near Gosforth Park in Newcastle.

Hedley is seen driving along when he comes to a tailback of traffic waiting at a roundabout.

Instead of joining the queue and waiting his turn though he pulls out into the empty right-hand-side lane and drives up to the roundabout.

He then goes right around the roundabout to then join the queue of traffic up ahead.

Hedley captioned the brief social media clip: “Good old sling shot manoeuvre,” adding “Sling shot manoeuvre. Nothing better than forward planning. Seee Ya!!!”

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The post may have picked up a sizeable 16,000 likes but it has left other motorists completely confused over if any road laws have been broken.

One commentator wrote: “Is this legal on UK roads?” with many responses saying that it was.

Another said: “Can actually get you points on your licence.”

While a third added: “What would happen if you did this on a driving test I wonder?”

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A fourth person posted: “It feels like the perfect crime, without it being a crime at all. The best bit is coming around and having the right of way over the queue you skipped.”

While the slingshot often provokes fury from other motorists, there is actually nothing in the Highway Code to prevent it as long as you drive safely.

However, some road law experts are not certain the hack is within the rules.

Guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service says that "misusing lanes to gain an advantage over other drivers" can be counted as "careless or inconsiderate driving".

Graham Conway, from Select Car Leasing, told Yahoo News: "Careless or inconsiderate driving typically attracts a fixed penalty of £100 and three points on your licence.

"In more serious cases motorists will have to go to court where they could face higher penalties.

"It all boils down to whether your driving ‘falls below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver’.

"Slingshotting a roundabout – or ‘misusing lanes to gain an advantage over other drivers’ – could easily fall into this category."

There have been other examples of motorists using a "roundabout slingshot" trick to avoid morning traffic, while a video of a car driver losing control on a wet roundabout went viral on social media.

Last month, another TikTok user known as ‘Pedal Perspective’  posted a clip seemingly filmed in London of a driver performing the controversial manoeuvre.

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It comes after dash cam footage of a driver using the slingshot left viewers divided on whether it's fair.

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