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ALL Ring doorbell owners should check exactly how they've placed their gadgets.

If you've got the doorbell too high on your door, it could be extremely frustrating.

It's especially important if your house faces out onto a road.

If your Amazon Ring doorbell is constantly notifying you about passing cars, you've probably got the doorbell too high.

"One of the biggest mistakes people make is mounting their Ring Video Doorbell too high in the mistaken belief that they need to do this in order to catch people's faces," Ring said.

"In fact, viewing faces is not a problem if the Ring Video Doorbell is mounted at the correct height of approximately 120 cm (47-48 inches) above the ground."

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Your Ring doorbell has a very wide field of view.

But the infrared motion sensors have much higher vision.

"These are heat sensors that detect motion by monitoring heat within the detection area," Amazon explained.

"Since people are hotter than the surrounding areas, as a person enters the detection area the heat measurements change.

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"The motion sensors register this change as movement and send out an alert."

These motion sensors detect movement up to 180 degrees horizontally.

And they capture motion between distances of 1.5 metres and 5 metres (about 5 to 16 feet) outwards.

"They're also more sensitive to horizontal movement across the detection area than vertical," Ring warned.

"Mount the Ring Video Doorbell too high and you're more likely to catch the heat of passing cars than the heat of incoming visitors."

So grab your tape measure and make sure that your doorbell isn't too high.

You can also use the Motion Zone feature in your Ring app to set the exact field of vision for the motion sensors.

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