‘Vile’ Xbox Series X scalpers already selling new sold-out console for £2,000 on eBay

THE Xbox Series X has literally just gone on sale and already it's sold out almost everywhere.

As parents scramble to buy one for their kids for christmas, people are taking advantage by trying to sell the £449/$499 console on Ebay for almost £2000.

One Ebay seller has listed a "Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB Video Game Console – Black Brand New" for £1,950.

This has led a fellow Ebay user to brand them a "vile human being" and "selfish" in the review section.

Another user caved in and bought the Xbox Series X for £759.99 from the bidding site.

That's still an extortionate markup price.

There's lots of other listings on the site trying to sell the Xbox Series X for around £700.

A few others are trying to scam people out of over £1,000.

Microsoft released two new consoles – the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S – worldwide on November 10.

Pre-orders for the gaming machines opened in September and sold out within minutes. Stock remains in short supply.

Some shops opened up additional sales at 8am UK time (3am ET) on launch day, though they appear to have all sold out.

However, some places are already offering pre-orders for the next round of stock, which is expected to arrive next month.

Due to sky-high demand and the coronavirus pandemic, most retailers are only selling the consoles online.

That means you can't walk into a store and grab one, unless you pre-ordered a console online.

In the UK and US, your best chance of grabbing an Xbox Series X/S now is to either pre-order a unit from the second batch, or order one second hand.

Consoles have also begun appearing on eBay at hugely inflated prices, with one console selling for more than twice the £449 RRP.

BT have also announced that existing customers can still grab an Xbox Series X or S through their account page on the BT website.

What is the Xbox Series X and S?

Here’s what you need to know…

The Xbox Series X and Series S are the latest consoles from Microsoft.

They're the follow ups to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S respectively.

The Series X is all about power and performance, and is said to be so fast that it virtually eliminates loading times.

It'll be capable of processing games in glorious 8K definition and render huge virtual worlds not seen in any console before it.

The Series S is a bit smaller and cheaper, with lower specs and no disc tray.

Gamers will have to download all of the titles they want instead of buying physical copies.

Both consoles launch November 10 worldwide.

In other news, upcoming blockbuster Xbox exclusive game The Medium is on the verge of a ban in Australia.

Read our full reviews of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

And here's how the consoles line up against their biggest rival, the PlayStation 5.

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