Varney: Biden leadership in question after Afghan atrocity

Varney: Every Afghan atrocity will be on Biden

FOX Business host Stuart Varney says the President’s leadership is in question following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

FOX Business host Stuart Varney slammed President Biden on Wednesday for his public address on Afghanistan, arguing that his lack of accountability for the country's collapse puts his leadership in question.

STUART VARNEY: President Biden was defiant and dishonest. He did not deliver a truthful account of the Afghan debacle. He blamed others.

He glossed over the bad decisions he had made. He did not hold himself accountable for anything, even though America has been humiliated.

When he was done, he did what he's so often done before: turned his back, and walked out. It was as if he was turning his back on the whole subject. The Wall Street Journal suggests he will never mention Afghanistan again.


He may want to move on, but he can't. There are thousands of people left behind, and what happens to them will bring back Biden’s betrayal. Every execution, every atrocity will be on him. It will eat away at the prestige of the presidency. It will eat away at his political clout. He is diminished.

And so is his team. You can't be run out of town by a rag-tag band of terrorists, and claim any kind of victory: your credibility is in shreds.  The president said the evacuation couldn't have gone more smoothly. It was, he said, "an extraordinary success." If that’s your judgment, trust in your judgment has been undermined, badly.

The president's leadership is in question. And there's another three and a half years to go…


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