'Useful Idiots' With Tech Entrepreneur Antonio García Martínez

In this week’s quarantine episode of our Useful Idiots podcast, hosts Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper are joined by author and tech entrepreneur Antonio García Martínez.

Katie and Matt break down a contentious interview with Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Pelosi, which derailed when Blitzer questioned the reasoning for stalling the potential HEROES Act stimulus package.

“[Nancy Pelosi is] one woman who’s extremely rich and powerful, and if you’re more offended by a tone that you think Wolf Blitzer took with her,” says Katie, “if you care more about that than all the women who are out there suffering, not having their needs met, and who Nancy Pelosi is OK throwing under the bus, selling down the river… then Nancy Pelosi is perfect for you.”

Matt is perplexed at the Democrats’ strategy on this issue. “Is it just because they don’t want to give Trump the win?” asks Matt.

For “Republicans Suck,” Matt submits a recent Trump campaign ad that features images of Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr., and the parallels to George H.W. Bush’s use of the Bobby McFerrin song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

“Trump just keeps doing this stuff. He keeps faux-enlisting people into his cause who really aren’t fans of his,” says Matt.

This week’s guest is poly-hyphenate Antonio García Martínez, a former product manager at Facebook and author of Chaos Monkeys. García Martínez gives a behind-the-scenes point of view into how Facebook and other social media platforms handle ad-targeting, debunking theories on how much data they really have on their users (and what they do with this data), while also explaining the potentially nefarious sides that do have some validity.

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