‘Underestimated’ details can add significant value to home – ‘costs only pounds!’

Property: Expert advises on how to add value to your home

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When upgrading a home to add value, it can be tempting to splash out thousands on converting rooms or creating open plan areas. However, a property expert has explained that this may not be the best route to take when it comes to adding value to a home, especially on a budget. There are small details that homeowners can add to completely transform the way that buyers view your property.

Kelly Friel, Digital Product Manager at Zoro has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about the best budget-friendly ways to add value to any property.

Despite being seriously “underestimated” details can be the key to adding value so it is best to update “fixtures and fittings”.

Kelly said: “People tend to underestimate the difference that detail can make to your property value when selling your home. 

“If you’re trying to make home improvements on a budget, rather than focus on big structural changes like going open plan or converting your loft, try updating your fixtures and fittings instead.”

The expert noted that all budget-friendly improvements can be made easy using a “decent toolkit”.

She said: “It’s worth investing in a decent toolkit for this, as you can do most cosmetic home improvements using tools from just one kit.”

When thinking about adding value to a property, there are usually jobs around the house that can add “significant” value.

Kelly said: “Look around your home for things that are broken or worn and can be easily removed and replaced.

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“These are usually grubby countertops, damaged cupboard doors, and wonky shelving.

“Then look for less obvious signs of wear and tear such as cracked light switches, curtain rods, and handles. 

“Upgrading these can have a significant impact on how your home looks, but each task will only take a couple of pounds each to complete.”

Britons can purchase second hand items of furniture and upcycle them to save more money.

Even something so simple as a “fresh coat of paint” can transform the look of a property, according to the expert.

Kelly said: “A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper can transform the way that buyers view your property.

“Scuffs, scratches, and stains will be far less noticeable, and if your home was decorated to your personal taste, you can cover it over with a more universal tone.”

More universal colours consist of brown, beige, white grey and taupe. 

Homeowners can make a lasting first impression with the colour of their front door as it can revive the whole exterior of a house.

Britons should also ensure that there are no filthy areas of the home, for example mould on bathroom grout.

Kelly shared the importance of freshening up “dingy edges” of a home.

She said: “You should then apply finishings like crown moulding and fresh sealant around tiles and windows to brighten up dingy edges in your home.”

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