Ultimate gaming chair is a giant ROBOT scorpion that 'cocoons and massages' you – and puts PS5 and Xbox to shame

A MENACING gaming chair that doubles up as a giant robotic scorpion could be yours for just $3,300 (£2,500).

Developed by US firm Cluvens, the Scorpion Computer Cockpit is made of "high-carbon steel" and measures nearly five and a half feet (1.6m) long.

It supports up to three 27" monitors that you can plug into your favourite gaming PC, and features a heated seat that you can recline.

Users can shift the motorised cockpit "with the touch of a button transforms into whatever you need it to be," according to Cluvens.

Writing on its website, the company says the "villainous" scorpion's tail extends to become the overhang support for screen mount.

It can support between one and three monitors that dangle from above while you game.

Users lie down on the arachnid's body, which has some cool additional features.

"The chair comes with a massage and heating function so you can enjoy some quality time while you're making yourself look like the ultimate villain," Cluvens says.

The legs act as… the legs, while the claws act as a stand for the mouse and keyboard, and store a remote that controls the chair's position.

Those pincers may appear sharp, but they're rounded at the edges to stop gamers from hurting themselves.

"You don't have to worry about getting cut by the corners," Cluvens assures potential customers.

The company lists the chair's price at $3,299 (£2,557). It's only shipping to North America for now.

You can only get the rig in black, and orders take a few weeks to arrive, according to Cluvens.

Just make sure your floorboards can take the machine's 120kg (265 lbs) weight before splashing out on it…

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