Trump Skips Claims of Voter Fraud at Rally: Campaign Update

In his first big rally since getting the coronavirus, President Donald Trump did not make his usual claims of massive fraud in vote-by-mail. The first day of early voting in Georgia saw hours-long waits. And Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign is featuring a “Star Trek” actress who played a bit part in his own political history.

There are 21 days until the election and 63 days until the Electoral College meets.

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Trump Skips Voter Fraud Claims at First Rally Since Getting Sick

Trump, in his first big post-virus rally, rolled out the greatest hits like a band on a reunion tour.

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From “abolish the suburbs” to “fracking in Pennsylvania,” Trump hit all the usual notes during an hour-long speech in Sanford, Florida -- with one exception.

Trump didn’t resurface his false claims about widespread fraud in vote-by-mail. Instead, he made only a brief allusion to the issue while encouraging his supporters to get out the vote.

“So get out there and vote. Send in your absentee ballot if you’ve requested one. Be very careful, a lot of shenanigans going on. You see what’s happening. Every day, you’re reading it,” he said. “In-person early voting begins next week. So get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and get out and vote.”

One reason for the omission may be that mail-in voting is underway in the Sunshine State, where state Republicans have lost ground to Democrats in requests for mail-in ballots.

Nearly 1.7 million voters in Florida have already cast a mail-in ballot, with 51% coming from Democrats and 29% from Republicans, according to data collected by the U.S. Elections Project at the University of Florida. -- Jordan Fabian


FLORIDA! Send in your absentee ballot if you have requested one. In-person Early Voting begins next week—so get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, and GET OUT AND VOTE! Need more information? Go to! #MAGA2:38 AM · Oct 13, 2020


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First Day of Early Voting Sees Hours-Long Lines in Georgia

The first day of early voting in Georgia brought long lines, yet another sign of intense voter interest -- as well as potential problems.

As during the state’s troubled primary in June, malfunctioning equipment led to delays, including at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, where hundreds of voting machines have been set up.

But in other areas, state elections officials said the lines this time were due to the high number of voters who showed up.


As of 11am, voters waited 5+ hours to cast ballots @ the main Cobb Co. early polling location (736 Whitlock Ave, Marietta). Some seemed unbothered by the line. “It doesn’t matter how long it takes…we’re voting like our life depends on it,“ said a voter. #gavotes @11AliveNews

5:43 PM · Oct 12, 2020


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Although it hasn’t been among the top presidential battlegrounds, Georgia is one of the closest states nationally, with Trump ahead by less than half a percentage point in the RealClearPolitics average of polls.

The state also has two Senate races on the ballot.

Biden Ad Features ‘Star Trek’ Actress Who Inadvertently Boosted Obama

The Biden campaign is running a Facebook ad featuring “Star Trek: Voyager” actress Jeri Ryan, who may, in a small way, have helped Biden become vice president in the first place.

Ryan, who played the character Seven of Nine in the sci-fi series, had a small but consequential role in Barack Obama’s 2004 Senate race when records from her divorce from Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan were unsealed.

Although he denied the allegations in the divorce filing of attempting to pressure her to go to sex clubs, Jack Ryan withdrew from the race four days later. Obama then faced former diplomat Alan Keyes, a much weaker candidate, who he trounced. Obama went on to win the presidency four years later.

Ryan is one of 19 actors from various “Star Trek” shows who are hosting a fundraiser for Biden on Oct. 13. Others include George Takei, Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton.

— With assistance by Jordan Fabian

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