Trump rallies in Nevada to fight for votes in key battleground state

Trump speaks at ‘Great American Comeback’ campaign event

President Trump has arrived in Nevada on Saturday night to address a crowd of supporters.

The appearance is part of an offense this weekend in a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican president since 2004.

The campaign earlier this week canceled the rally, originally scheduled for an airport hangar in Reno, after sparring over Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s 50-person limit on outdoor gatherings amid coronavirus. It rescheduled at an airport hangar in Minden, about 47 miles south of Reno, near Lake Tahoe.

State Republicans blamed the governor for trying to hurt Trump’s reelection chances, but the Reno rally was canceled by airport officials.

The president lost Nevada’s six electoral votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 2 percentage points, but the campaign has invested heavily in the state to change the outcome this go-around.

“The Democrats are scared. They know President Trump has the momentum," said the state GOP chairman, Michael McDonald.

Some Democrats are concerned about possible Trump gains in Nevada, with the president showing increasing support from Latinos and non-college educated white voters, two important constituencies in the state.

The president plans to host a “Latinos for Trump” roundtable Sunday morning in Las Vegas, followed by an evening rally at a manufacturing facility in neighboring Henderson.


Trump also scheduled a high-dollar fundraiser in Las Vegas this weekend, where couples were asked for $150,000 to attend.

The president is scheduled to visit Arizona later Sunday, and tour California wildfire damage on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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