Trump pledges to pass 'THE BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER' in early morning campaign tweetstorm from Walter Reed

  • Trump pledged a middle-class tax cut in a morning tweetstorm from Walter Reed Medical center.
  • He previously raised a middle-class tax cut before the November 2018 midterms, but he stopped bringing it up once Republicans lost the House.
  • Trump's second-term tax agenda is still missing many details.
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President Donald Trump kicked off Monday with a pledge to pass the "BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER" in a campaign tweetstorm ticking off reasons people should vote for him from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The president unleashed a barrage of at least 19 campaign tweets urging people to vote for him, many in all-capital letters.  With just under a month to go before the election, he suggested there would a historic middle-class tax cut if he was reelected.


Trump previously pledged a middle-class tax cut during the 2018 midterm elections without delving into specifics on how it would be designed. He stopped raising it once Republicans lost the House, and it never happened.

The president's second-term tax platform remains vague, though he has said he wants to scale back the capital gains tax-rate to 15% from 20%. Trump is also prodding Congress to forgive this year's deferred payroll taxes so workers are no longer on the hook.

Both appear unlikely to happen in Congress if the Senate remains under GOP control and the House is Democratic-led, given their contrasting economic priorities.

Republicans passed a massive tax cut in 2017, which is still the president's signature legislative achievement. It lowered rates for most Americans but centered most of the benefits for corporations and the wealthy.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised not to increases taxes for Americans earning under $400,000 a year and roll back Trump's tax cuts for corporations, raising their tax rate to 28% from 21%. Most of Biden's tax increases fall upon the top 1% of Americans, according to multiple independent analyses.

Trump has been hospitalized with coronavirus in the hospital since Friday and he has received numerous treatments. A day later, he called for another stimulus package to rejuvenate the American economy. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are in the middle of talks.

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