Tomi Lahren responds to Meghan Markle after Oprah interview: Do you think you're 'some kind of victim?'

Tomi Lahren mocks Meghan, Harry interview with Oprah: ‘You have got to be freaking kidding me’

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren joined the chorus of commentators criticizing Oprah Winfrey’s bombshell interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that has dominated international headlines since first airing Sunday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex discussed the early days of their marriage and detailed the personal struggles that led to their departure as senior working members of the British royal family.

“I’m not saying we aren’t all entitled to our struggles. Money, fame, and even royalty doesn’t shield Duchess Meghan or anyone else from pain, struggle or the right to express that pain and struggle, Lahren began Tuesday’s episode of “Final Thoughts”. “But in the words of Joe Biden, ‘Come on, man.'”

At one point, Markle attempted to clear the air over a story that alleged she had made Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge cry ahead of Markle’s nuptials because of a disagreement about flower girl dresses. Markle revealed on Sunday that it was actually she who became emotional over the dispute, but Lahren scolded the Duchess for casting herself as “some kind of victim.”

“Meghan, you’re married to a prince, together you’re worth over 10 million bucks, and you really expect the rest of us to pity and cry for you like you’re some kind of victim?” she asked. “No, no your highness, I don’t think so.”

Lahren also blasted Markle for invoking the “race card” throughout the interview, something the Fox Nation host argued has become an unofficial “obligation” among “libs, all celebrities and all left-of-center public figures.”

“Secondly, for someone like Meghan who claims to be a role model for women and young girls, what message is she sending?” the host went on. “That victimhood is cute? That you, despite your mountains and heaps of blessings, should always find something to complain and whine about?”

“Heck, Meghan and LeBron James should start a club for indulgent, self-righteous, and completely out of touch celebrities to whine and moan about their perceived oppression,” Lahren concluded. “I’m sure much of Hollywood would be in attendance.”

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