Three common mistakes all drivers need to avoid in hot weather – it could cost you your car

A HOME security expert has revealed three common mistakes all drivers MUST avoid in hot weather.

Locksmith Elizabeth Johns said Brits often leave their motors unlocked while washing them as temperatures soar.

Drivers then walk away for a split second to fill up their water bucket or to pop inside – leaving ample time for robbers to strike.

Elizabeth also told how Brits leave the windows wound down, making their car an easy target.

The third mistake the pro sees often involves Brits cool down their houses by leaving the windows open.

If this is done overnight or while you're out, burglars could have access to easy-to-reach car keys and make off with your vehicle in seconds.

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Elizabeth – owner of Locksmith L & E Ltd – told The Sun: "If you're cleaning your car, you might have the full car open. The keys might be in the vicinity.

"Even if you go inside for two minutes – that's all it takes for your car to be taken off the driveway.

"Naturally humans are quite trusting. We think 'oh I'm only going in for a few minutes, I'll leave the whole car open while I'm cleaning it.'

"It only takes that split second for someone to see that it's there and see that the keys are there.

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"And if they don't take the car, they might have an opportunity to take whatever has been left in the car. "

She told how expensive sunglasses and money are often easy targets for crooks – and urged drivers to be "on their guard".

Elizabeth added: "Somebody I know left their bagon their kitchen countertop and when their kitchen door was unlocked, someone ran in, grabbed the bag with the keys in and stole the car.

"They never got it back.

"That's not a pre-meditated theft. That's spur of the moment."

Elizabeth previously shared three simple tips to follow if you’ve lost your car keys.

She also revealed five reasons why burglars will target your home and how to stop them.

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