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ROAST dinner lovers have slammed AI for failing to pull off the traditional British meal.

While the tech is getting scarily good at recreating other stuff, it still hasn't mastered a Yorkshire pudding or the much-loved roast potatoes.

A user on Reddit shared several photos of roast dinners they claim were generated by AI.

Although the plates look pretty appetising, others were quick to pick up some culinary blunders.

"AI doesn’t seem to have worked out WTF a Yorkshire pudding is," one person commented.

"Variously appears as a bagel, a bun, and a cut open jacket potato.

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"One even looks like a little meat pie."

Another added: "So many mutant Yorkshires.

"And they evoke disgust in me, like a visible disease."

Others also questioned how a lemon made it onto the plate.

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"I think it was probably trying to make potatoes but for some reason made a lemon instead," a user commented.

Someone else joked: "Nothing better goes with a sphere of meat, than an entire lemon, sliced in three.

"To be fair, some of them look mighty delicious.

"And I've seen bagels and croissants accompanying British style meals for no apparent reason many a time in places like China and Japan."

It's not clear what software the person who posted the photos used.

And despite the mistakes, it shows how advanced AI has become.

It's just one of several ever-realistic demonstrations to be revealed lately.

We've seen how the technology can generate just about anything, even faces of people who don't exist.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT has shocked the world with its ability to write just about anything you ask of it with few grammatical errors.

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