The FBI's Investigation Into the Fake Trump Elector Scheme Is Heating Up

Federal agents served multiple subpoenas on Wednesday morning related to the investigation of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. FBI officials confirmed to The Washington Post that law enforcement had contacted several individuals who agreed to participate in schemes by the Trump campaign to secure a slate of fake Electoral College electors in an effort to keep Trump in power despite his loss in the 2020 presidential election.

FBI agents subpoenaed David Schaffer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, as well as Brad Carver, a Georgia lawyer who falsely attested to being a “duly elected and qualified” Electoral College elector. Carver is one of 16 signatories on a document now being investigated by the Department of Justice.

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Nevada’s 8 News Now reported later on Wednesday that authorities also seized the cell phone of Nevada Republican Chairman Michael McDonald as part of their investigation into the fake electors. In Dec. 2020, 8 News Now reported that six Nevada GOP electors signed paperwork pledging support for Donald Trump. The ceremonial signing coincided with the state’s official tally to determine the distribution of electoral votes.

The Jan. 6 committee revealed on Tuesday that the Trump campaign helped organize sham electors from across battleground states to help overturn the 2020 election. The electors often signed false certifications which were submitted to the National Archives in a convoluted attempt to illegally loophole Trump into an electoral victory. Former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox testified to the Jan. 6 committee to having been informed by a Trump campaign lawyer of plans for Michigan Republicans to hide overnight in the state Capitol in order to cast their votes.

Findings by the Jan. 6 committee indicate that the effort to undermine the Electoral College vote reached all the way into the U.S. Senate. The committee revealed on Tuesday that Sen. Ron Jonson’s (R-Wisc.) wanted to hand Vice President Mike Pence documents outlining an alternate, fake set of pro-Trump electors minutes before the VP was set to certify the election of Joe Biden. Shortly after the attempted handoff, the Capitol complex

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