The cheapest fuel near YOU – and how much your fuel station is making

FUEL is still costing Britain's drivers a huge amount, despite prices falling in recent weeks.

But have you ever wondered how much of the money you're spending at the pumps goes to the fuel station?

You'd assume it'd be a fortune given the prices we're paying, but it might not be quite as much as you'd think.

According to the RAC, the amount that goes to the fuel station is mere pence, with diesel proving even less profitable than petrol.

On every litre of petrol, which currently costs an average of 161.93p, the station can expect to make just 11.74p. Meanwhile a whopping 79.99p or 49% is tax.

It's worse when it comes to diesel. The average price of a litre right now is £175.89 and the fuel station takes 7.83p. 47%, or 82.27p is tax.


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According to the cheapest petrol is found on the Isle of Mann at 145.5p per litre. East Central London, Belfast, Lincoln and Watford aren't far behind.

The priciest petrol is in Luton (166.5p), West London, Durham, Worcester and Twickenham.

East Central London has the cheapest diesel and 162.9p, with the Isle of Mann, Belfast, Lincoln and Watford bringing up the rear.

You'll want to avoid Lerwick, Luton, Dumfries, Bromley and Twickenham in your diesel motor, as it'll cost you as much a 184.7p per litre.

To find the cheapest fuel nearest to you, head over to this handy tool at that'll reveal the answer.

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Despite fuel prices dropping slightly over the past couple of weeks, it's still costing a huge amount to fill up the average car.

A small car like a Ford Fiesta with a 42-litre fuel tank now costs an average of £68.07 to fill, while the same car powered by diesel costs £73.90.

Medium sized cars like the Ford Focus with a 57-litre tank will set you back £92.37 if it's petrol or £100.29 if diesel.

Large cars with 65-litre fuel tanks are now costing on average £105.34 to fill with unleaded, or £114.37 with diesel.

Many of the most popular large SUVs have even larger tanks that will be costing drivers as much £140 to fill.

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