The cars that are most likely to break down – from Range Rover to Jeep

THE car manufacturers producing the least reliable vehicles have been revealed.

And one of the UK's most popular models is among those most likely to break down.

A recent investigation by What Car? and MotorEasy analysed more than 18,000 cars to find how often they broke down and how much drivers forked out for repairs.

Leading the way was the Range Rover, which scored a reliability rating of just 69 per cent.

The hulking motor's most common problem was with its battery, as well as major faults with the gearbox and suspension.

One in three owners of the SUV forked at least £1,000 to get their car fixed, with another third had to wait a week to get their vehicle on the road.

The Nissan X-Trail was another popular car which regularly has serious faults, recording a reliability score of 77 per cent.

While many of these problems were fixed for free, some drivers had to pay up to £1,500 to get them repaired.

The Jeep Renegade also struggles to stay on the road, according to the study, with a rating of 77 per cent.

The SUV is often struck down with electrical issues, with some owners complaining that their DAB radios and dashboard displays stop working.

Most cars can still be driven due to these quick-fix faults, but can cost owners between £50 and £1,500 depending on their severity.

The Range Rover Velar also experiences a range of faults with its bodywork, interior trim and sat-nav, but thankfully for drivers they can be fixed for free.

Owners of the previous Range Rover Evoque often have trouble with their motor, with 10 per cent of cars with reported faults being taken off the road.

Other models likely to have faults are the Ford Edge (80 per cent reliability rating), Renault Kadjar (81 per cent), Land Rover Discovery Sport (81 per cent) and Nissan Qashqai (82 per cent).

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