The Apprentice winner with net assets worth £1.37million

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Tom Pellereau secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar after winning The Apprentice in 2011. Fast forward 12 years, that investment has helped him create his multi-million pound business.

The series seven winner has been labelled one of the most successful winners to come from the show, as his beauty business Stylideas is boasting net assets worth £1.37million.

Series seven was the first to offer a £250,000 investment as the grand prize, with the previous six winners all being granted a job with Lord Sugar instead.

The research, conducted by UK financial services provider CMC Markets used the latest financial reports from Endole to discover the latest report of net assets in each of The Apprentice winners’ businesses, to determine which of them is the most successful.

In 2019, the business was worth an astonishing £1,117,061 but it didn’t stop there.

In 2020, his business Stylideas made over £5million revenue as his health and beauty inventions are in shops across the globe, Thisismoney reported.

His introductory product, the uniquely curved S-file is available across the globe, with more than two million Stylfiles now sold.

The file range includes ‘Infuse,’ the first moisturising file that nourishes the cuticles with almond oil while you file.

With Lord Sugar’s guidance, Mr Pellereau has gone on to invent baby nail clippers with a safety spy hole, so you can see exactly what you are cutting.

Additionally, he released gel nail polish remover kits and clips which prevent people from damaging their natural nails.

A spokesperson for CMC Markets commented on the research: “Not only can the investment from Lord Sugar be transformative for many contestants’ business but the brand recognition from being featured on the show can also greatly increase the winner’s chances of successfully running their business, even many years after appearing on the series.”

In previous series of the show, the winner of The Apprentice was usually given a £100,000-a-year job with Lord Sugar.

However, Tom was the first to win a different prize – a £250,000 investment to come up with new products, working closely with the businessman.

He won the show thanks to his invention of a chair to relieve back pain, but he intended to produce a range of other ideas – including a curved nail file.

He said: “I am determined not to just be known as a wacky inventor but also a successful inventor.

“In the boardroom I said I believed I could be bigger than Dyson. It was said in the heat of the moment but it’s a great aspiration to have and one I think I can achieve.”

Prior to the show, Tom had spent ten years trying to make it as inventor, and was about to give up and “get a proper job” before he applied.

He said: “Applying for The Apprentice was my last roll of the dice.”

Ricky Martin, who won the show in 2012, received a £250,000 investment in his recruitment company Hyper Recruitment Solutions from Lord Alan Sugar.

The company now has net assets of £2.26 million, making him the most successful winner.

Mr Pellereau is in second place, with his beauty business Stylideas boasting net assets of £1.37million.

Lord Sugar told The Telegraph in 2019: “Tom has worked diligently this past year at developing the Stylfile and getting it to market.

“He’s done extremely well at turning a very good concept into three excellent products and getting them stocked with some of the biggest retailers in the country.

“There’s been a lot of interest from my followers on Twitter asking me what Tom is up to. Well, now they know.”

The Apprentice is available on BBC iPlayer.

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