The 10 UK areas worst hit by soaring bills – is yours one?

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The cost of living crisis currency plaguing Britons comes from rising inflation, new Tory taxes and spiking energy prices. While some measures introduced by the Government promise to help lighten the load slightly, many people will still have to pinch pennies in 2022. Some will have to change their spending habits more than others as concerns flare across the country.

Which areas have been hit worst by the cost of living crisis?

Many of the issues impacting incomes in 2022 are universal for the UK, such as inflation and energy pricing.

But variation in paychecks and local pricing means that, in some areas, people’s money won’t go as far.

Researchers have found the top 10 areas where people are most concerned about their ability to weather the financial strain.

Self-storage container firm Pink Storage studied the online searching behaviour of communities across the country to find who was the most worried.

According to their data, Manchester residents are the most concerned about the cost of living, with locals searching for the cheapest energy suppliers more than anyone else in the region.

They searched for the cheapest suppliers 310 times a month on average and 210 times for the UK’s energy price cap.

Mancunians also searched for payday loans 2,200 times per month while Newcastle residents, just behind in second place, searched for ways to cover unexpected costs 1,000 times.

  • Manchester
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Northampton
  • Aberdeen
  • Bradford
  • Nottingham
  • Kingston upon Hull

As many likely expect, the least concerned Britons live in the country’s richest regions.

Reading and London residents are the top two least concerned about the cost of living, with Sutton, Southampton and Birkenhead in third, fourth and fifth places.

Southend on Sea, Luton, Newport, Cardiff and Brent are in the bottom five, on the less relaxed end of the scale.

Many may become more concerned in the months to come, as already stressed Britons expect another energy price cap rise.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM), the UK’s energy regulator, announced last month that it would adjust the price cap again in October.

In May, just a month after the regulator’s decision to increase the UK cap by £693 per year came into effect, OFGEM said it expects the cap to increase by 42 percent in the autumn.

Chief executive Jonathan Brearley told the House of Commons the increase would bring the price cap to £2,800.

He called on the Government “more is needed” to help Britons survive through the second consecutive increase of 2022.

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