Tammy Bruce slams Democrats for manipulative behavior: ‘We don’t like to be lied to’

Why the left uses masks to feel morally superior

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce breaks down how Democrats manipulate the public.

The left has been sneaky about manipulating the American public through sly policies like nudging and mask-wearing, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce explained on “Fox News Primetime.”

TAMMY BRUCE: It’s called nudging. And it was brought to the public’s attention by Cass Sunstein, who was an adviser to Barack Obama. De Blasio does it here in New York when it comes to traffic, making it impossible to get through the city to force you to take public transportation or bicycles. We see it in the case with vaccines. And, of course, the nature of what your life becomes. It’s about using an environment or creating an environment that allows you to push people into making decisions that suit the left’s policy.

The American spirit is one of independence. We don’t like to be lied to. We don’t like to be abused. We are opposed to the nature of using children to move along policy goals. And this is why, by the way, they’re upset with what the feds have done when it comes to the masks because up until now, they’ve been able to point local officials and state officials can point to Washington and say, oh, there’s nothing we can do. 

Now, they can be held to account. And that is what local individuals, everyone watching this program in your town, city and state must do. You must be heard. It matters. They think that if you’re silent, you acquiesce. We must not allow that to happen. And now that it’s at the local level, at your college, in your city council, at a store. Let them find out, as many media has, that we can’t be offended in this way.

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