Step-by-step guide to painting kitchen cupboards in a ‘few days’

Angel Adoree shares her tips for painting walls

The experts at said: “Painting your kitchen cupboard doors is something you can do over a few days and doesn’t have to cause too much disruption in the home, and changing the colour of your kitchen cupboards can bring a whole new life to the way it looks and will feel like a whole new kitchen.

“Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets is going to be a more budget-friendly option that will give your kitchen a new look.

“Before you get too excited and remove all the doors and drawers, carefully mark each of the doors in pencil so you can remember where to put them back.”

DIYers then need to remove the hinges and handles from the doors once they have been removed, which will make the prep and paint work much easier.

Next, the doors will need to be cleaned with a degreasing agent to allow the paint to stick properly.

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The experts said: “It’s very normal for kitchen doors to attract grease. Even the smallest amount can ruin your paint job later, so take time to clean and degrease.

“You’ll be glad you did, as the largest part of painting your kitchen cupboards is the preparation of the wood.

“Sanding down the doors will help the new paint stick to the wood. If the doors are too smooth and shiny, the paint can later flake off when it gets warm and damp, which is natural in a kitchen when cooking.

“This is why it is also important to choose the correct paint for your kitchen, as it will help repel the steam and protect the wood.”

After sanding, go over any area with a damp cloth to remove any dust from the surface, leaving clean wood behind which is ready to be painted.

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Next, paint the cupboard doors with a base coat of melamine primer. It doesn’t have any smell to it and will help to protect the doors and also help the paint to adhere better.

The experts continued: “Take your time to apply thin coats so you don’t get lines, bubbles or a poor finish. You’ve put a lot of time into preparing the doors to this stage, so taking a little extra time is worth it.

“Wait for your first coat to fully dry and give it a very light sanding with fine grit. This helps with a better finish after the second coating.

“After sanding, be sure to wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Apply your second coat of paint and wait for it to dry.

“This second coat should have covered the cupboard doors and given you a nice finish that is almost ready to hang.”

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Once dry, the doors will need the fittings re-attached if opting to use the same ones, or if using new ones, make sure to measure them out and mark them first.

When hanging the doors back on the cabinets, Britons might need to adjust their angle slightly.

The pros added: “This is normal, and there should be a couple of screws on the hinge that will help line them up perfectly for you.

“This is normal, so don’t worry if they are not lining up perfectly from the start. It’s now time to sit back and admire all your hard work.

“Choosing to paint your kitchen cupboards takes time and patience but is a rewarding DIY project when done right.”

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