State pensioners could get an extra £92 each week – how to claim

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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The state pension gives millions of Britons financial assistance each month once they hit state pension age – which currently sits at 66 for both males and females. State pensioners could receive a weekly cash boost to help them get by, particularly amid rising energy bills and a surge in the cost of living.

Each week, the DWP can give those eligible up to £92.40 through Attendance Allowance.

Attendance Allowance is a benefit available to people who have a disability or a health condition and need assistance or supervision during the day or night — even if they are not currently getting that help.

This could include:

  • Assistance with personal care – for example getting dressed, eating or drinking, getting in and out of bed, bathing or showering and going to the toilet
  • Help to stay safe

People who have difficulties with personal tasks — for example, if they take a long time — should also apply for Attendance Allowance.

It is not just for people with a physical disability or condition, and is available to people who have:

  • A mental health condition
  • Learning difficulties
  • A sensory condition – if you are deaf or visually impaired

Attendance Allowance claimants receive either £61.85 or £92.40 per week, dependent on the level of care they require due to their health.

Claimants can use the boost to help them stay independent in their own home for as long as possible.

The benefit could be used for:

  • Paying for taxis
  • Helping towards bills
  • Paying for a cleaner or gardener

Attendance Allowance is not means-tested so it can be paid regardless of a person’s income, savings or National Insurance contribution record.

It is also tax-free and claimants will be exempt from the Benefit Cap so will not have money taken away from other benefits.

Attendance Allowance will not impact your State Pension, and can be claimed by those who are still in work.

The other benefits people may get might increase if they get Attendance Allowance, these include:

  • Extra Pension Credit
  • Housing Benefit Reduction
  • Council Tax Reduction

How to claim
People can apply by post by filling out the form on the website.

Alternatively people can call the Attendance Allowance helpline to ask for a copy of the form.

Attendance Allowance can be backdated to the date of someone’s claim. This is usually the date from when the application is received or the date they called the enquiry line.


Many charities and advice websites note that the rejection rate for Attendance Allowance is often due to the way claimants fill out their application.

The questions can often be quite personal and applicants may find they want to understate their needs out of embarrassment or simply forget to note everything.

This can be detrimental as benefit eligibility is reliant on claimants needing a certain amount of care for a certain amount of time.

Therefore, by understating or underestimating needs, they run the risk of being seen as ineligible for the benefit.

By successfully claiming Attendance Allowance, people can also qualify for various other benefits such as Pension Credit, council tax reduction or housing benefit.

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