Special forces base CENSORED on Google Maps for 'security reasons' – and is blurred out for everyone

GOOGLE Maps users have spotted a large blurred out building in southern Poland.

The complex near Krakow is very pixelated and can't really be made out even if you zoom in.

The location is called the Dowództwo Wojsk Specjalnych and it's actually the Polish Special Forces Command.

It's said the area was used to train Poland's Special Forces.

The complex remains blurred out on Google Maps for security reasons.

Google often blurs out buildings like this if they're considered important to a country's security.

You can take a look at the blurred military base yourself by typing in "50°02'13.0"N 19°54'14.0"E" to Google Maps.

They're the exact co-ordinates of the location on Earth.

You can even place the little yellow Street View man on a road nearby but you still won't see much.

The road looks upon a large concrete wall surrounding the protected area.

Google Maps is full of unusual shots and blurred locations.

An eagled-eyed Google Maps fan was able to spot a partially destroyed office block in North Korea.

Another spotted what they thought was a person "pooping in the grass…" just as the Google Street View cameras were driving through the Netherlands.

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