Sen. Tim Scott extols Jacob Blake's mother, Melania Trump as 'examples of what America should look like'

Sen. Scott on Jacob Blake protests: If we listen we’ll find solutions to move our country forward

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott reacts to protests turning deadly after police shoot Jacob Blake on ‘The Daily Briefing.’

First lady Melania Trump and the mother of Jacob Blake — the Black man who was shot by police in Kenosha, Wis. on Sunday night — are “really important examples of what America should look like,” Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told “The Daily Briefing” on Wednesday.

Scott joined host Dana Perino following a third night of violence in Kenosha, which included a shooting that killed two people and wounded a third person. On Tuesday, Blake's mother, Julia Jackson said: “To all of the police officers, I’m praying for you and your families. To all of the citizens, my Black and Brown sisters and brothers, I’m praying for you.


“Let's use our hearts, our love and our intelligence to work together to show the rest of the world how humans are supposed to treat each other,” she added.

Hours later, Melania Trump, an immigrant from Slovenia, used her address on the second night of the Republican National Convention to call on Americans to “stop the violence."

“We must remember that today we are all one community comprised of many races, religions and ethnicities,” Melania Trump said on Tuesday night. “Our diverse and storied history is what makes our country strong and yet we still have so much to learn from one another.”

“I urge people to come together in a civil manner so we can work and live up to our standard American ideals,” she added.

"This is less about the color of the skin, though that is a major part of it, this is about evil in the heart," Scott told Perino Wednesday. “You listen to that mother praying for the police officers and asking the American family to come together. She wants justice, she wants clarity. And then you couple that with the first lady of the United States, a very graceful person, speaking eloquently about the necessity of learning from people, who are not like yourself.

“Put those two together on your show, you have a powerful three-legged stool of what makes our country stable," Scott told Perino, adding: "It’s when powerful women stand up and are counted, if we the people will listen and learn and follow, we will find resolution to our major issues and solutions that will move our country forward.”

Turning to his police reform bill, which failed to clear a Senate test vote in June after Democrats argued it didn't go far enough, Scott argued the legislation "provided that kind of solution."

“In that legislation was deescalation training, it was bias training,” he noted. “We were resourcing the very situation you saw play out [in the Blake shooting].

“I think with police reform passed, perhaps those departments would have more resources for more training so fewer people, particularly African-American males, would be shot especially in the back in that situation.”


Scott added that “it really is a hard issue and both women spoke eloquently about the necessity of addressing this from the inside out and not from the outside in and that's what you see in the streets.

“The violence is outside in and that only begets more violence."

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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