Sen. Kennedy on 'Fox & Friends': Americans are figuring out Biden and don't like what they see

Sen Kennedy: Americans figuring out Biden, ‘don’t like what they see’

Sen. John Kennedy rips the president for his recent foreign policy failures, sinking poll numbers.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., took on President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings and Afghanistan withdrawal on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. Kennedy argued “the American people are starting to figure out President Biden, and they don’t like what they see.”


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: One of the biggest mistakes that the D.C. elite make is they underestimate the American people. To be blunt, they think we’re all morons, but we’re not. And the American people are starting to figure out President Biden, and they don’t like what they see. Even President Biden’s own people are hurting him. Thanks to Secretary John Kerry. Millions of Americans think that the president is now on a day pass from the nursing home. And of course, the president keeps breaking plates. 

And one of the biggest plates he’s broken is Afghanistan. It was a ferret fire drill. America was humiliated. Americans were put at risk. Americans died. Our friends in Afghanistan were put at risk. President Xi in China is chuckling. It’s emboldening our enemies. Now, we’ve got to help our friends in Afghanistan. First, we’ve got to get all Americans out. Number two, we have to help our allies who stood with us because the Taliban’s going to kill them. They’re going to gut them like a fish. But no matter what country we help them resettle in, we’ve got to carefully vet them because it only takes one or two terrorists and us properly vetting them is not unwelcoming and it’s not racist. It’s prudent, and I just don’t trust the Biden administration to do that, quite frankly.


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