See angry note left on a car as neighbours row over parking – as driver is told they 'must try harder' | The Sun

A PASSIVE aggressive note has been uploaded online revealing a feud between neighbours over their parking.

Uploaded to Reddit, the amount of time and effort that has gone into the note had people asking if they could save it to use themselves.

The Reddit user @MrReallyBadGamer who uploaded the note said: "Just to point out this was not left on my car, I park like a good boy.

"It was one neighbour leaving it on another neighbour's car.

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"I am just really nosy and like to see what they have put on the note."

The note has a drawing of a car park with cars lined up in their bays correctly with a large tick and 'correct way to park' written next to it.

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Beneath, the neighbour has drawn another row of bays with one car parked correctly and another straddling the bays with a cross and 'how you have managed to park…' written beside it.

On the right hand side of the note the neighbour has written: '2/10 for effort.'

Beneath is written: ' Must try harder…'

There was a mixed reaction from people on Reddit to the angry note.

One said: "Can I save & print this picture? I need to put it on a few of my neighbour's cars!"


A stranger wrote an angry note on my CAR because I had parked on a pavement

I’m a lawyer – here’s why you should never leave an aggressive note on a car

Another said: "Just park so close to the driver's door so that they cannot open it."

Another: "Whenever I go to the store and there is a pickup parked in 4 spots simultaneously, I have to do everything in my power to not leave a note."

Agreeing too, a person said: "Whoever this note is for probably deserves it especially if they manage to actually park according to the incorrect diagram, at no point do you need to more than one space unless your vehicle is considered to be roughly the same size as two spaces.

"Park far enough away from everyone."

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