Secrets of Area 51: What could the US government really be hiding

Secrets of Area 51: Are we alone in the Universe?

Fox Nation documentary "The Secrets of Area 51" explores what the U.S. government might be hiding.

UFO sightings, signs of alien life and unsolved mysteries behind the confines of Area 51 all beg an answer to the question: Are we alone in the Universe?

The age-old query was bumped from the archives recently after newly declassified documents surfaced, and Fox Nation’s documentary “The Secrets of Area 51” is taking a closer look into what the U.S. government might be hiding.

The special features commentary from experts like retiree of U.K. Ministry of Defense Nick Pope and CIA chief historian Dr. David Robarge who share crucial background on the suspicions of Area 51.

“You couldn’t have picked a better place,” “The Secret Genesis of Area 51” author TD Barnes said.

Former Area 51 pilot Lt. Col. Tony Bevaqua noted how government personnel “just don’t talk about it” as the site was blocked off as prohibited, yet private pilot Gabe Zeifman shared his success in clearing the restricted airspace.

“What if the ultimate secret is much more complicated than alien visitors from other planets?” Mystery Wire founder George Knapp asked. “Demanding disclosure of everything may not be a good idea.”

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