Sean Hannity reacts to the Joe Rogan Spotify controversy

Hannity: How did we get to this point?

Fox News host weighs in on protests over the vaccine mandates and demands for Joe Rogan to be canceled on ‘Hannity.’

In his Opening Monologue on Monday, Sean Hannity questioned how Canadian-American singer/songwriter Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” anthem could ring true anymore if the performer is giving streaming services ultimatums based on others’ freedom of thought.

Young, recently told Spotify if they continue to broadcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” he does not want his music on the service. The company later complied and pulled the “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young” musician’s library from their archive.

Musician Neil Young speaks during a session at the International CES Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, in Las Vegas.
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Hannity said that while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly fled Ottawa and bashed the truckers protesting vaccine injection mandates, Rogan is under fire for simply allowing contrasting views on that topic to be discussed on his popular podcast.

“How do we repay the heroes of the pandemic? The nurses, the doctors, you know, people with natural immunity now being forced out of their jobs because they won’t get the vaccine?” he said.

“Look at Joe Rogan, by the way the most listened to podcast in the country,” he added.

Joe Rogan, the popular podcast host on Spotify, has emerged as Public Enemy No.1 among liberals.
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Hannity said he doesn’t care what Rogan’s personal politics are, but believes the host should be able to voice his opinions and allow his guests to do the same. Rogan has often spoken about the importance of open discourse, and on the political front was a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont during the 2020 elections. 

For his part, Sanders similarly received backlash after Rogan, 54, voiced support for him at the time.

“Rogan dared to interview Dr. Robert Malone … a world-renowned physician who is the chief architect of the mRNA technology for the vaccines. Let me be clear, Dr. Malone played a key pivotal role in developing the technology so we can have mRNA viruses,” Hannity said.

Malone has been largely censored by Big Tech for criticizing some aspects of the mRNA vaccines – which include Moderna and Pfizer — in terms of its effect on coronavirus.

“Malone is a frequent critic of mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19. He has more stringent guidelines in terms of who should be getting the vaccine,” Hannity said.

He added that, in contrast, the rocker Young seemed to bristle at Rogan’s free discourse:

“Now we have old washed-up rock stars around the country like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell demanding Spotify censor Joe Rogan, or they can’t play their music,” he said. “What happened to Neil Young anyway? What happened to ‘Rockin in the Free World’ — you might remember?”

“Not so free anymore.”

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