Scott Atlas says new book will clarify 'the facts' of the COVID-19 pandemic

Scott Atlas: at some point you need to wonder if there’s a COVID cover-up

Former White House COVID adviser tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ the American people have been harmed tremendously by a lack of oversight

EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump administration COVID special adviser Dr. Scott Atlas said his forthcoming memoir will clarify “the facts” of the coronavirus pandemic, “free from the filter of government bureaucrats, the media and politically-biased academics and scientists.”

Atlas told Fox News that his new book, “A Plague Upon Our House,” was written “with several purposes in mind.”

“The four-month period during my service as an advisor to the president of the United States provides a candid perspective on how our leaders functioned in the greatest health care crisis in the past century—the pandemic and its management—without the distorting sense of media and politics,” Atlas told Fox News.

Atlas said his book also “clarifies the facts underlying the pandemic, free from the filter of government bureaucrats, the media, and politically-biased academics and scientists,” while also exposing “profound issues in our society” that he warned “could interfere with our ability to address future crises and threaten the very principles of freedom and order that we often take for granted and that the rest of the world depends on.”

Atlas told Fox News that his book “exposes the unvarnished truth” about the COVID-19 Task Force under the Trump administration, COVID data, and issues within the nation that were “exposed by the management of the pandemic.”

Atlas slammed “those leading America’s public health” during the onset of the COVID pandemic as “failures.”

“With their draconian measures focused on one thing, stopping Covid cases at all costs instead of considering all of health harms, and a shocking lack of critical thinking about the science, this was a reckless abuse of public health and a moral failure in what should be expected from public health leaders,” Atlas said. “Inflicting enormous harms with lockdowns and restrictions, they failed to protect the elderly, they failed to stop the spread of the infection, they failed to stop the deaths – all the while destroying lower income families and sacrificing the health of our children, while sparing the affluent and the elite.”

Atlas added that “trust in America’s institutions has been severely damaged.”

“Science itself has been politicized, while universities and the media prohibit the free exchange of ideas necessary to solve future crises,” Atlas said. “This book is a first step toward restoring that trust by exposing the truth.”

He added: “And truth matters.”

Atlas jointed the Trump White House COVID-19 Task Force in August 2020 as a special government employee, serving just a 130-day detail. Atlas’ role expired in November 2020. 

Atlas was criticized throughout his time at the White House for advocating for a reopening, while blasting COVID-19 lockdowns as “extremely harmful” to Americans. 

Meanwhile, Atlas has been at odds with Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, defending himself after reports of her closed-door testimony before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis last month.

CNN first reported Friday that part of Birx’s testimony included comments suggesting that Atlas sought to change COVID-19 testing guidance, and called for less testing for those without symptoms.

Atlas, reacting to Birx’s testimony, said it was her “desperate attempt” to “deflect blame for her failed policies she advised.”

“At no time did I try to reduce testing or in any way ‘interfere’ with any CDC guidance,” Atlas told Fox News, adding that his efforts “were always focused on increasing testing and smartly using the administration’s massive testing apparatus to save more lives.”

“While in Washington, I worked hard specifically to increase testing, especially in nursing homes and staff, in historically black colleges, in senior centers, and elsewhere, to protect Americans and stop the dying – and those efforts were successfully implemented,” Atlas told Fox News. “From my arrival into the Task Force in mid August until I left Washington in late November, testing increased from about 700,000 to 1.4 million per day.”

He added: “Any blame for that failure lies on those who advised what was actually implemented, not on those who criticized the lockdowns and tried to stop the death and destruction.”

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