‘Save lots of money’: Renovation couple who created ‘amazing’ bathroom share vital insight

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Becca and her partner renovated their home, overhauling the bungalow and creating a stunning space. The couple’s bathroom transformation was startling, as the pair opened up the dingy room considerably.

Becca shares her DIY endeavours on her Instagram account @renovationliving.

She also posts on her TikTok account where she boasts 128k followers.

She recently shared her amazing DIY kitchen transformation. 

Becca shared her top tips for a bathroom renovation.

These include how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

She said: “Our bathroom is quite small, so we used white tiles on the walls and floor and added a large mirror to make it feel bigger.”

The DIY enthusiasts went on: “If you can stick to the original layout and not make unnecessary layout changes you’ll save a lot of money.”

The couple used shelving to make more of a small space and add storage.

She said: “Think about adding shelves and a niche to utilise dead space and add storage.”

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The couple had a grout tip too. Becca said: “Test your grout before committing, I didn’t like our wall grout when it first went on and panicked.

“I love it now but best to test beforehand.”

Fans were quick to praise the amazing transformation.

One wrote: “This is such a great bathroom transformation!”

Another wrote: “Amazing renovation, the bathroom looks gorgeous

“So lovely!” another said, “Love the big mirror – I hadn’t thought of using one that size in the bathroom.”

The bathroom wall and floor tiles came from Porcelain Superstore.

The vanity unit, toilet, and towel rail were from Big Bathroom shop. Becca said: “The team is amazing there and the service was incredible. I didn’t think it was possible to love a vanity unit but I honestly do.”

Another DIY renovation in a living room blew internet users away as they said, “you wouldn’t believe it’s the same space.”

Renovator Stephanie posts images of her gorgeous home to 80k followers on her account @thecheshiregreyhome. 

She has turned an empty shell of a home with dated features into a light and warm family space.

Stephanie changed the entire living room, pulling up the old carpet and removing the red brick fireplace, replacing it with white plaster.

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