Save £820 a year on energy bills by switching to these four kitchen appliances

Britons have been urged to consider switching to four efficient kitchen appliances that could save them £820 a year on their energy bills.

Experts at Tandem calculated the cost of using a slow cooker, air fryer, capsule coffee machine and a microwave, to work out how much the average household could save.

A spokesperson said: “With energy costs still considerably high, simple switches to more efficient appliances can lead to substantial savings over time.

Additionally, considering the environmental impact, every reduction in energy usage contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

“So, by being conscious of the energy efficiency of our appliances, we can benefit our wallets and the planet simultaneously.”

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Slow Cooker – costs 4p an hour

Slow cookers use less power than traditional cooking methods such as an oven, as they cook at a lower temperature.

The device can be used to make a hearty stew or curry to enjoy on a cold winter’s day.

Slow cookers use just 150W costing just 4.05p an hour, which can provide savings of 76.95p an hour compared to other methods.

Annual savings: £280.86

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Air fryer – costs 22p an hour

The air fryer is becoming an ever more common feature in the kitchen, popular as they are more efficient than an oven and can prepare food more quickly.

They use around 800W costing 21.6p an hour, while ovens use 3,000W an hour, costing 81p.

Annual savings: £216.81

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Capsule Coffee Machines – costs 27p an hour

Switching from boiling a kettle to make a coffee to using a capsule coffee machine can rack up some big savings.

Boiling a kettle consumes a substantial 2500W, costing 67.5p for an hour’s use.

Coffee machines are much more efficient, with devices such as Nespresso using just 1,000W, saving a household 40.5p an hour.

Annual savings: £147.85

Microwave – costs 32p an hour

Reheating food in a microwave rather than using an oven is much more energy efficient and can bring down a person’s bills.

Microwaves use around 1,200W, or 32.4p per hour, which is more than half the cost of using an oven.

Annual savings: £177.39

Total annual savings: £822.91

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