Samsung baffles phone owners by sending out mystery '1' push notification

SAMSUNG phone owners have received a mysterious "1" notification – and had no idea why.

Fortunately it turns out that it was simply an internal Samsung gaffe, but plenty of people are still very confused.

Samsung notification – what happened?

Owners of various Samsung Galaxy smartphones received a strange and unexpected notification.

It contained two "1"s above each other.

And tapping the notification cleared it – but did nothing else.

Samsung mystery 1 – what did users say?

Users were rightly confused by the notification.

One wrote: "That Samsung "find my mobile" notification everyone just got could easily be from an episode of Black Mirror.

"The fact the app has nabbed over 10% of my battery doesn't feel very comforting either. Security breach for sure."

And another said: "So myself and many other Samsung users have all reported receiving a notification from the "Find My Mobile" app saying '1'.

"I clicked it and nothing happened. Check app info and it used 20% of my battery? Did all our phones just get hacked?"

Samsung 1 notification – what did Samsung say?

Samsung confirmed that the strange notification was actually a complete accident, linked to the Find My Mobile app.

In a tweet, the company blamed an internal test – and said that the notification should never have been pushed to phones.

The firm also suggested that only some, not all, Samsung phone owners were affected.

Samsung Find My Mobile app – what does it do?

Here's what you need to know…

  • It's an app that lets you track down your smartphones or tablets remotely.
  • Apple fans will be aware of the very similar Find My iPhone app.
  • If you've left your mobile somewhere and it's still connected to the internet, you can track it down using a map.
  • The app also lets you remotely back up contents on the phone.
  • That way, if you've dropped it down a drain, you might still be able to save your photos and texts from the handset.
  • So is the app safe?
  • Yes, don't panic. The notification appears to have been little more than an accident.
  • So you can put aside any fears of a major hack attack – this is a plain old bungle.

"Recently, a notification about 'Find My Mobile 1' occurred on a limited number of Galaxy Devices," wrote Samsung.

"This was sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers."

Bizarrely, people without the app installed still received the notification.

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