Ron Johnson drags Hunter Biden for ‘sleazy’ foreign dealings, new email evidence reveals

Ron Johnson calls evidence of Hunter Biden foreign dealings ‘sleazy’

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., weighs in on new bombshells emails from the president’s son.

New emails have been released in connection with Hunter Biden’s dealings with foreign powers and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., who headed the original Senate investigation, detailed the level of corruption involved on “Hannity.”

RON JOHNSON: Our report was a catalyst for so much of this information now coming forward. But our report was a big warning. We tried to warn the American public that if they elect this very unfit human being, President Biden, that he was going to be compromised, that he represented a counterintelligence threat, an extortion threat. And now we’re seeing example after example and this latest example with the Democratic and Obama campaign donors trying to maybe do a two-million-dollar retainer. Hopefully, they can get Hunter to help them unfreeze 15 billion dollars worth of assets for Libya. Of course, those gentlemen would get a percent cut of that. 

But that’s how sleazy this all was. Hunter Biden was out, this is right around the 2015 timeframe, the same time he joined the Burisma board. They were cashing in on the vice president’s name, hoping that at some point in time he’d be president…

What I do know is we don’t know a lot. But I know the Chinese government knows everything. The Russian government knows everything. So these foreign countries that were doing deals with Hunter, they know exactly where all the bodies are buried, where all the corruption occurred. And it would be naive to think that they’re not holding that over President Biden’s head at this very moment. He is compromised.


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