Road sign tells Welsh speakers something different to English speakers – can you spot it?

RESIDENTS in a Welsh town have been left baffled by a road sign that tells Welsh speakers something different to English speakers.

A road sign placed by Openreach contractors appears to suggest different closure dates in English and Welsh, NorthWalesLive reports.

The sign on Old Conway Road, Mochdre, reads: "Ffordd yma ar gau o'r 11/04/22 i'r 13/04/22 8am to 5pm."

However, it is followed by the English version saying "This road will be closed 26/04/22 to 27/04/22 8am to 5pm."

One confused resident shared the image of the sign and said: "A road closed warning sign gives two different dates -11/4/22 to 13/4/22 for Welsh people and 26/4/22 to 27/4/22 for English people.

"Are they trying to confuse us? I just had to take a picture, I thought it so funny."

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Openreach has since apologised for the mistake and removed the sign.

An Openreach spokesperson said: “Thanks to North Wales Live for making us aware of this. We’re sorry for the muddle.

"We’ve removed the sign for now to avoid confusion, and we’re touching base with our contractors to make sure they display correct dates in future.”

More on confusing signs – here are some road sign that will be removed as they puzzle drivers.

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