Retirement: Best and worst UK cities to retire to mapped – where will you retire?

Nick Hewer gets cheeky message from Alan Sugar as he retires

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For this  two-thirds of people (64 percent), a move is on the cards but even those not currently considering a switch of environment may wish to mull over what opportunities there are elsewhere.

There are a variety of factors to consider about retirement destinations including getting bang for your buck when moving house, health and liveability factors in the area, leisure activities and general amenities.

A study produced by Consultus Care has analysed the best and worst retirement spots in the UK with consideration of these factors.

It found that the northern port city of Sunderland is the best city to retire in.

Consultus Care said the city outshines others when it comes to choice of amenities and has the highest numbers of leisure centres, libraries and churches per person of any UK city, offering something for everyone.

People considering a move may worry about being uprooted from a community and dropping themselves somewhere where they may be isolated, but they need not worry about that in Sunderland.

This is because it has the highest number of senior citizens per capita, so offers a lively community for retirees where they can meet new people.

The affordability of the city in terms of house prices, living costs and care home costs add the cherry on top for Sunderland.

The research judges each city against 19 factors, with an award of between one and thirty points for each.

Sunderland enjoyed top spot with 409 points.

Not far behind was another coastal city as Bournemouth took 394 points.

Only two points separated second from third as Derby scored just below Bournemouth with 392 points.

The theme of coastal cities continues in fourth and fifth place.

Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool complete the top five spots with 385 and 355 points respectively.

But on the less sunny side of the scale are some surprises.

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London languishes in bottom place, named the worst UK city to retire to with only 80 points.

Second to bottom is Birmingham on 138 points.

Next worst for retirees, according to this analysis, is Coventry on 223 points.

Then, in fourth and fifth worst spots came Leeds with 235 points and Brighton which garnered 244 points.

The factors for retirement living of liveability, costs, health, entertainment and amenities are well known, but new research has pointed to new factors requiring consideration.

An increasing number of people are looking to retirement as a time to take up new opportunities with fewer than half (44 percent) planning a retreat from the workforce.

A Standard Life Aberdeen report found that 19 percent intent to use their time for volunteering and six percent are looking to establish their own business.

Over a quarter (27 percent) plan to go part-time rather than leave their job fully.

Ultimately everyone will have a unique set of goals in retirement and this will affect where one chooses to reside in this time.

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