‘Reduces dust settling on slats’: ‘Quick’ and ‘precise’ hacks for cleaning blinds

Mrs Hinch uses tumble dryer sheets to clean her blinds

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Spring is just around the corner which means now is the perfect time to give homes the ultimate clean. Blinds are just one area of many in the home that regularly gathers dust. Their awkward slats often mean they get ignored during regular cleaning routines.

However, the experts have assured that cleaning blinds can be a “quick” task.

Helen O’Connor, Product Manager at 247 Blinds has shared her expertise on how to quickly clean blinds without causing any damage.

Quick tips

Helen said regular dusting is the key to keeping blinds in good condition.

She said: “By tackling dust and dirt fortnightly, or even once a week, you’ll prevent any build up from forming, helping to maintain the quality and colour of the blinds for longer.

“For many types of blinds, including Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, making dusting a routine part of your cleaning will be sufficient.”

However, for a more thorough clean, homeowners may need to do a little more.

Venetian blinds need to be washed with a damp cloth and warm washing up liquid.

Wipe each slat with the solution, being careful not to soak the slats.

Doing this regularly should remove any “settled dust or debris build up”.

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For those with even less time on their hands, Helen suggested using the sock hack.

She said: “Alternatively, slipping a sock over your hand to wipe down the slats is a great quick, but precise method.

“If you have wooden Venetians, however, you will want to wipe them down with a dryer sheet after the damp cloth to reduce the amount of dust settling on the slats afterwards.”

Homeowners with vertical blinds are more fortunate as they “rarely” get dirty.

The vertical slats mean dust struggles to sit on them as easily unlike with other styles, making them “very low maintenance”.

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But if your vertical blinds are looking a little worst for wear, fully close the blind before wiping them down from top to bottom with a damp cloth.

Helen added: “Finally, simply ensuring the slats are regularly turned will help to reduce the likelihood of dust build up, meaning cleaning will be a smaller job.”

Fabric blinds

For fabric blinds, a more thorough routine every few months is more beneficial to keeping them looking fresh.

Helen explained: “Whilst slatted blinds are generally clean enough with regular dusting and wipe downs, fabric blinds really benefit from a more thorough approach.

“For both roller blinds and roman blinds, regular vacuuming and wiping will be sufficient.

“However, ensure you wipe any marks with a damp cloth and avoid using cleaning fluids as this can compromise the fabric.

“Using the brush attachments, vacuum left to right and work your way down the blinds.

“Then give them a quick wipe with some warm water before leaving them to dry.

“For a super fast cleaning hack, try using a lint roller to remove any stubborn pet hairs or dirt.

“Finish by giving them a spritz of Febreze to freshen them up.”

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