Reduce energy bills by £70 by changing two boiler settings

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Sophie Smith is a former personal finance journalist. She uses her TikTok account to post clever money-saving tips. One such tip includes a fast boiler hack, which can reduce your household bills.

She claimed people can reduce their energy bill by £70 in just a minute, by changing two settings on their boiler. The hack has been viewed over half a million times on the app, where Sophie explains exactly how it’s done.

She said: “You can cut your energy bill by £70 a year doing this, and it takes less than one minute.”

So how can you do it? Sophie explained: “Turn your boiler’s flow temperature down to 50C heating and 55C water.”

She went on to say: “The setting for most boilers is too high. This simple step could save you money and your home will feel just as warm.”

@sophiechristie528 This takes 1 minute and could save you £££ #fyp #foryoupage #energycrisis ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Other TikTok users chimed in to say they have used the trick and saved even more. One wrote: “I have always done this and probably saves a lot more than £70.”

Another said: “Done this ages ago save a fortune on gas!”

However, some had complaints about the money-saving method. One wrote: “My hot water is fine set at 48 but if I turn the central heating down the house doesn’t warm up, can take about three hours to reach temp even at 80.”

Another said: “The biggest savings are had by turning off preheat. If you turn the heating low the boiler will run longer for rooms to reach temperature. False economy.”

One suggested: “Turn the boiler off unless heating is needed. Hot water never makes it to the tap when washing hands. I only have it on if I know need hot water/heating in my home.” Another added: “You save more by having a properly insulated home.”

It is important to note these tips are only safe to try on combi boilers. Hot water cylinder boilers are not appropriate for this. Turning the temperature down on a hot water cylinder can cause Legionnaire’s disease. This is a severe form of pneumonia caused by bacteria called legionella.

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Easy ways to save with small adjustments to your home

Turn down the hot water temp on your boiler

As Sophie suggests, turning down the hot water temperature on a combi boiler will save money.

This turns down the temperature of the water that comes from your taps. Often taps are hotter than you need, wasting money.

You should be able to run a bath with your hot tap without having to dilute it with cold water.

Reducing the heating temp on your boiler

This is also known as your water flow temperature. It’s the water that does into radiators.

Fifty degrees is the most efficient temperature, according to experts.

Turn off the ‘pre-heat’ boiler function

This function means you don’t have to wait as long for water to heat up. While this is a luxury, it is inefficient and expensive.

Make sure boiler pressure is correct

Boiler pressure is the pressure of the water moving through your heating system. It is best to keep yours between 1.0 and 2.0.

Bleeds radiators

Bleeding radiators makes them more efficient, as it releases air inside. This air causes cold spots and makes your boiler work hard.

How can you know your radiators need bleeding? Cold spots at the top are a giveaway, as is gurgling, or if radiators are taking longer to heat up.

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