‘Really angry!’ Woman in shock after bill soars £140 per month due to faulty smart meter

Rip Off Britain: Woman 'angry' after Scottish Power meter failure

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Margaret Ross told one of the show’s presenters, Gloria Hunniford, how she was really angry to find her energy bill more than double after having a smart meter installed. She is one of a number of Scottish Power customers who have complained to the programme about faulty smart meters.

The Ombudsman has since ruled in her favour yet Margaret is still waiting for a new smart meter and for the matter to be resolved.

Ms Ross told viewers: “The Ombudsman found that the meter was faulty and that Scottish Power was at fault in every part of the procedure.

“That made me really, really angry.”

The Ombudsman investigation revealed the meter had stopped recording consumption and Scottish Power was ordered to pay £75 in compensation.

The company was also instructed to review the consumption charge from February 2020 to make sure Margaret is on the most competitive tariff.

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Despite the Ombudsman’s ruling, Margaret is still waiting for the smart meter to be swapped and her bill still stands at over £2,000.

Margaret told viewers how she felt let down by Scottish Power.

She said: “My family and me – we don’t matter.

“It’s all just business to them.”

Margaret is not the only one to complain about faulty smart meters from Scottish Power.

David Billingsby from Tunbridge Wells suffered a similar problem when he had a smart meter installed in March 2021.

He told Rip Off Britain he only decided to have one installed after constant phone calls from Scottish Power telling him it would help him reduce his energy usage.

However the smart meter never worked and his bills shot up £45 – despite the fact the family wasn’t doing anything different.

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Alex Belsham-Harris from Citizen’s Advice said there are some things people can do if they are worried their smart meters aren’t working properly.

“If you turn off all of the appliances in your house and see if the meter is still running, then that could be a sign there’s something wrong with the meter.

“And then if you turn the appliances off one by one you might see one causing a bigger spike in energy usage.

“That could be a sign that there’s something with that appliance causing higher bills.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Scottish Power asking for comment.

Rip Off Britain continues today at 10:45am on BBC One.

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